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The Balanced Calories Counter 

The days when you had to separately measure every food individually are history.  Our unique approach is counting using FOOD GROUPS.
It is less time consuming than the traditional calorie counting method and offer a simple and easy way to understand what are the right and healthy nutrition choices.  Body Food Weight - diet tracker offers you all that and much more. So what are you waiting for? Download today!


About Us

The way to a Healthier Nutrition

Since 2019 Body Food Weight - diet tracker has transformed the way people approach calorie tracking. We had a vision of empowering people with professional nutritionist knowledge and give them the key path to a HEATHY DIET in the land of infinite FOOD CHOICES. Our team of experts have worked tirelessly on this vision, carefully crafting our App to give the users much more than just calorie counting.


Features List

Your Ticket to a Healthy Life

FASTEST Calorie Counter

You need just 2 min. to track all meals in a day.  Always adapted to your personal choices and local food availability.


Improve your health, balancing your diet.

Automated Nutritional INSIGHT

Food category consumption, calories & body weight variation.



I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Our App uses FOOD GROUPS instead of individual food items stored in large databases - that are supposed to cover every possibility but usually don't. This new approach makes our app faster & easier to use, providing an accessible solution to choose healthier food options and makes it universal - may be used by anyone on this planet regardless of the local food availability or personal food choices.

Are you planning to add new features on future updates to the App?

We are always looking to improve our subscribers experience therefore from time to time we will release new updates. With every update we will enhance the user experience and the provide grater relevance and impact data.

Is there a meal planner as well? How does it work?

The App is providing, based on targets set by the user for: Kcal and food group share,  the permitted amount food for each category of food. The quantities will match meal and daily Kcal targets giving you the overall image of what and how much should you eat or avoid. After every new food introduced the app will redistribute the remaining quantities in order to match available calories.

Is it possible to track custom food recipes?

Yes! you have the possibility of creating your own food recipe and have it stored reused and updated in the Food Mix section of the app. In the same section you will find a preset list of food mixes. The app is providing the each recipe the Kcal value and the balance between PLANT BASED and OTHER ingredients.


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