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Body Food Weight | diet tracker

Enhance health and life quality

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Increase HEALTHY FOOD INTAKE and reduce the less desirable.

Make the right choices in the vast territory of FOOD OPTIONS!  Body Food Weight App will guide you through this land of limitless possibilities, providing a clear, FOCUSSED ON THE ESSENTIAL -  PRACTICAL AND REACHABLE  perspective on nutrition.


We eat many things. But not all food is equal in terms of NUTRITION VALUE. Calories topic seams to grab most of the attention when it comes to food. But there are other more important aspects. Only some foods carry   important nutrients while other don’t. Fiber consumption is associated with increased intake of VITAL MICRONUTRIENTS  like VITAMINS  with ANTIOXIDANT  and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFECT.

FIBER is found only in PLANTS.  According to available studies 90% of us are fiber deficient. This exposes us to a many possible health problems. 
   A diet in which 3-5 serving (60-80% daily calories, consisting of PROCESSED MEAT, RED MEAT, POULTRY, DIARY, EGGS, HIGH-PROCESSED FOODS is associated with INCREASED RISK (50%-350% higher) of developing: obesity, cardiovascular disease; coronary heart disease risk; cerebrovascular risk; type-2 diabetes; cancers of: mouth, throat, esophageal, colon, colorectal, thyroid, lung, breast, prostate, bladder. 

   A diet that includes: 3-5 serving of BEANS, GREENS, FRUITS, WHOLE CEREALS is associated with a LOWER RISK (10%-70% lower) of developing: obesity, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, cancers.

   Plant consumption seem to be related with a lower risk all-cause mortality.

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In Body Food Weight the food is split in eleven groups that cover any of the food choices you may have. 

Our nutrition app will train you to distinguish between healthy options and less desirable alternatives. Guiding you to eat more whole plants and less processed food, meat and dairy products.Count your calories using eleven food categories grouped in two large categories: 

  • vital for health – “PLANTS” - Cereals, Fruits, Raw Vegetable, Cooked Vegetable, Seeds and the

  • usually over consumed – “OTHER” - Diary lower than 15% fat, Diary higher than 15% fat, Meat, Added Oil, Sweets, Alcohol

Body Food Weight app will give you the right information about the structure of consumed food with emphasis on the RATIO between PLANT and OTHER

So stick to your meal plan - Body Food Weight App will deliver food group based program so you can reach your body weight, food source and calories TARGETS.

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